Hello, I'm Jakub Maziarski

Welcome to my creative space and on-going portfolio!

I am an aspiring Graphic and Motion designer, who happens to be a Creative Developer in Leeds.

Here is a little more about me...
I currently study Creative Media Technology at
Leeds Beckett University, which is a multi-media
  course teaching a range of techniques.

I took part in a sandwich course meaning I
went on placement (full time) for one year.

If you want to know more about my placement,
head over to the experience page.
On the weekends I love socialising with friends by either doing cool activties or simply going for a drink or two.
Who doesn't like being surrounded by friends?

The bigger the group the better, means more people to talk to! 
I am a basketball enthustiast and religiously follow the NBA and American colleges even if it means staying up late, now and again!

Turning watching into doing, I also reguarly play basketball and have done for the last 5 years. I was Lucky enough to play national league for Danum Eagles U18.

Currently I play for the local Leeds Demons, most thursday and saturdays. Its a great way to keep fit and connect with fellow basketball heads.
Travelling and seeing the world is a high priority for me. I love visiting places that make me stop and take a photograph. If I can take my camera its a yes from me!

With that comes international food, I like trying new dishes and recreating them at home. My favourite has to be an orignal spainish paella.
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