Placement year - Dynamic
My portfolio of projects has grown massively since my placement however due to certain brand's coroprate polices. I am unable to showcase many of my client projects.

To see the clients Dynamic work with, please head over to the Dynamic website for more information.

I’m really happy with the progress made during my placement year. I have learnt so much ranging from industry’s processes to life-long lessons. Looking back it's really impressive how much improvement there has been, I’m very thankful for all the support from my colleagues in helping me grow in my role as a creative developer.

I have been lucky enough to be involved in all kinds of project and even being lead developer on some (design through to delivery). Dynamic have really pushed my design skills and allowed me to develop continuously with each challenge. 

The overall experience has made me alot more confident, not afraid to speak in a full room and most importantly better at asking questions. Being part of a large team makes you realise that communication is very important. 
Work examples 
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