First aid awareness was another project I designed, developed and delivered. I had  been given the task to make a comic style scenario based module. This was a new style I had never used, but really enjoyed making the module unique!
Jakub was given a brief (scripted MSWord document) to develop an elearning module on basic first aid to be used as guidance both internally for all Dynamic staff and externally as part of a suite of ‘Off the Shelf’ programmes that we develop for our clients.

The complexity and requirement to provide something ‘a bit different’ meant that Jakub was the ideal developer to bring his creativity to the project - utilising existing, as well as employing new skills along the way.

I was particularly impressed with his enthusiasm, ideas, speed of work and flexible approach that he brought to the creative process along with his attention to detail and general diligence. 
Alison H, Project Manager
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