Within second year of university, I studied a module called Interactive media which introduced us to JavaScript and CSS animations. The assignment instructed us to pick a key stage group and create an educational game on any chosen topic. The module required us to do user testing and paper protyping to help form knowledge of user experince and interface design.

After looking at the different age groups within the Key Stages, I chose to target Key Stage 1 (Year 1 and Year 2).  At low ages like these the game has to be visually appealing to the target audience and simple enough for the user to understand. Next I chose balanced diet as my topic.

I focused on the overall design of the visual due to not understanding JavaScript at first. I found it quite diffcult but eventually made the code work with my visual style, which helped me balance out the assignment. Below is a video walk through of the activities.

Deliverable: JavaScript educational game/design
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